OEM/ODM Projects

Implementation of OEM/ODM projects

       An OEM (original equipment manufacturer) project in electronics is the development of a new product under your own brand name using hardware modules or completed devices by third-party manufacturers. Such a business model considerably reduces the time to market.

       An ODM (original design manufacturer) project in electronics is the production of an electronic device based on an original design and using the customer’s design documentation.

How we work for ODM project

  • When someone request a quote we usually encourage our customers to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to protect the intellectual property rights of all parties involved, especially for unique & patent pending inventions.
  • We then ask you to send us detailed descriptions & specifications (drawings, pictures, videos & website links) of the product(s) you wish to prototype and produce.
  • After review, we will setup a FREE initial consultation with you to verbally discuss your project(s) and associated requirements. Discussion topics will include timelines, destinations, private labeling (ODM/OEM), custom packaging and all other details needed to ensure that there is no misunderstanding about your specific needs. You will of course be given the opportunity to submit your questions to our experts as well.
  • If we are a good match, we will issue a Project Proposal and associated fees within 24 hours detailing individual Phases (Steps) required to successfully accomplish your goals. We are unique in offering REFUNDABLE project fees upon bulk manufacturing.
  • Upon receipt, we will send you detailed quote(s) which will include: MOQs (Minimum Order Quantity), Unit Pricing, Production Time Lines, CAD Design and Prototyping Fees, Mold Fees, Time Frames for both Prototyping and Production Runs, Custom Packaging and ODM options, etc…